The Totem

The Totem was a personal project I wanted to do. Back at the end of 2010, things were slow and I wanted to do something that might sell locally. So I decided to build a Totem out of stainless steel, I like to build faces and the Totem was a great way to express that.

My personal feelings about the Totem run deep, Having been born and raised on the West Coast and Vancouver Island. I grew up surrounded by Native culture and have known many great Native Carvers and pole builders over the years. trying to stay with traditional styling I spent several months completing the Totem you see here. Standing 12-feet tall the pole represents a souls journey through life. Starting on the bottom the spirit has brought a young soul to this world to be born as seen in his open mouth. Above and in the middle of the pole is the young souls spirit guide to help him find his way in the new world. And on top is the spirit Eagle who takes the soul back to the spirit realm and living his life out on earth.

This incredible piece was sold before completion and now resides in West Vancouver with a beautiful view over looking the ocean as he was meant to be. The build of the totem was aired on an episode of Discovery Chanel’s Daily Planet in March, 2011.