The Power of Flight

“Power of Flight” is the second piece in a series of bald eagle sculptures I have recently completed. Growing up in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, I have always had a fascination and appreciation for nature and the vast array of wildlife that inhabit these lands – in particular the bald eagles that migrate annually throughout British Columbia during mating season. Their strength, dominance and beauty draw spectators from around the world, who want to view these magnificent birds in their habitat.

I have always found the bald eagle to be an inspiration to me both artistically and spiritually. They signify incredible power and dominance in their environment, and yet at the same time are the most graceful, beautiful and elegant species of bird I have observed.

The fascination and admiration I have for the bald eagle, inspired me to want to capture the essence of this respected creature, both in its dominating role in nature, as well as the graceful and peaceful elegance the bald eagle displays in its natural environment.

The first piece in my bald eagle series, “Power and Authority”, is a massive 20’ tall mirror-polished stainless steel bald eagle in an attacking stance. In this first piece I wanted to capture the dominating, powerful presence of the bald eagle. With eyes focused on its prey, legs extended in an attacking mode, and the 31’ wings spread, the viewer can experience the incredible sense of power the bald eagle emits.

My recently completed second piece in the series “Power of Flight” is intended to capture the streamlined efficiency and grace of this amazing bird. This large-scale, mirror-polished, stainless steel sculpture has an impressive 41’ wingspan, which is gracefully spread to full capacity, as the eagle is taking off in flight. This piece is designed to be displayed either indoors or outdoors, and is suitable for a garden or water display. “Power of Flight” can be displayed at its current height of 11’, or can be elevated to hover over its audience.

Capturing the different aspects of the amazing bald eagle in my sculpture series has provided me with a deeper sense of spirituality personally and in my artistic mindset. Sharing my pieces with the public, allows me the opportunity to open that door for everyone to experience that same awe-inspiring majestic presence I am so drawn too.